Preparation guidelines


I've created this page to give you my recommendations on how to prepare for your skin and/or hair for your appointment. 


On the Day of Your Appointment

  • Please do not wear makeup!

  • Feel free to wear moisturiser if you'd like - however, I will be doing a full skincare routine for you.

  • Bring reference images of the look you'd like to achieve (to save time please have them ready to go).

  • Bring a photo of how you usually wear your makeup to give me a guide of the amount of makeup you're comfortable wearing.

If the Appointment is at Your Location

  • If the appointment is at your location please arrange a bar stool/high chair for yourself to sit on.

Before Your Appointment

  • Continue to moisturise twice daily.
  • Regularly exfoliate in the week leading up to the booking to ensure that your makeup doesn't cling to any dry patches on the skin (facial scrubs are NOT recommended).

  • If you are unsure on what skincare products are best for your skin please visit my blog post for recommendations.

Things to Avoid

  • Don't apply fake tan to your face. This can make the makeup look muddy or ashy. I will make sure that your face matches the colour of your body.

  • Do not have any facial waxing within 48hrs prior to your appointment. This can make it very difficult for makeup to stick to the skin and may look patchy, (tweezing and threading is fine).

  • Harsh facials are not recommended in the week before your appointment. These include, but are not limited to; microdermabrasion, skin needling, chemical peels, RF, laser etc.

How to Dry Your Hair Before Your Appointment


On the Day of Your Appointment

  • Wash your hair the morning of your appointment (refer to shampoo guidelines below)

  • Make sure your hair is frizz free and dry! (Refer to hair drying guidelines below)

  • If you have booked a blow wave please have your hair freshly washed/damp and free of product.

  • Bring a reference photo of the look you'd like to achieve. 

If the Appointment is at Your Location

  • You MUST provide a large mirror for us to work with. It is very important that we can see the front of your hair during styling to ensure balance and symmetry. 

Before Your Appointment

Wash Your Hair

  • Shampoo the morning or night before the appointment, no earlier! Its easy for me to dirty up the hair but I cannot clean it once it's dirty.

  • Shampoo twice to ensure all product build up is removed from the hair. (Sulfate-free shampoos are recommended)

  • Condition on the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. Conditioning the roots may cause your style to fall out faster and will lead to oil build up.

If you're unsure of what products to use in your hair please visit my blog post for recommendations.

Drying Your Hair

  • Use the nozzle on your hairdryer to dry the hair whilst using a large brush to smooth out any frizz.

  • Please watch the tutorial below on how to dry your hair.

  • If you don't feel confident drying your hair, or if it is too frizzy, I recommend getting a salon blow dry the afternoon before.

  • Alternatively, you can book me to book me to blow dry your hair before styling. Providing that time is permitting. 

Please prepare your hair in accordance with these guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed we may refuse service. The hair needs to be prepared properly so that we can achieve the desired hairstyle.
A fee of $50 applies if we have to blow dry the hair prior to styling, for instance, if the hair is dirty or frizzy/curly hair hasn't been smoothed properly.
Please note that this will also cause a delay to the schedule. 
Please refer to the Terms of Service for additional information.

Things to Avoid

  • Don't let your hair air dry. All frizz and curls must be removed before the appointment.

  • Don't straighten your hair! This will flatten the hair cuticle and cause your style to fall out faster.

  • Don't apply any serums or product to the hair after it has been washed. Product in the hair will affect the styling process. If desired, you may use a heat protectant before blow drying. However, make sure that the product is not sticky/gritty.