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Professional Wedding Makeup Artist

Choosing a Professional Wedding Makeup Artist

When it comes to something as subjective as makeup, it's hard to say that one person is the best makeup artist near me. The opinion of "best" comes down to how well the professional wedding makeup artist can replicate the client's idea of "beautiful."

Some people expect that when they go to a professional makeup artist, they'll come out of the studio looking like a model or a movie star. This is likely most people's definition of a great makeup job. It's an added bonus if their hair is done in a glamorous style. Many providers specialize in producing these glam looks.

However, brides who prefer a more subdued look will have a totally different idea of who is the best makeup artist near me. They'll be wowed if the artist can make their skin look healthy while avoiding the appearance of heavy make-up and styling. They still want to look perfect, but in a more natural way. It can be a lot harder to find someone who can execute these looks perfectly.

Ideally, the best makeup artist near me is the one who can provide more than one type of makeup style. A professional wedding makeup artist should be able go from glam to "upgraded natural" with ease. They should also be able to do the same for hair, and be experienced dealing with different hair types and lengths.

If you're in the Melbourne, Australia area, try Amy Bysouth. Amy and her team are able to match the style to your personal tastes, whether it be glam or natural.

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