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Bridal Hair

Bridal Hair Doesn't Have to be Long to Look Great

One of the biggest problems with many bridal hair and makeup artists is that they struggle to style short hair. Some believe that hair extensions are the only way to achieve beautiful and glamorous hairstyles on their short-haired clients. This a myth. Short hair can definitely be styled without the use of extensions. Rest assured that an amazing amount of styles can be obtained with no need for extra hair length.

The best hair and makeup artist near me is the artist that is confident in styling short bridal hair. Amy Bysouth (located in Melbourne, Australia) is a bridal hair stylist and makeup artist that specialises in styling all hair lengths. Just tell Amy the basics of how you want your hair to end up, and you can expect to walk away with a beautiful hairstyle.

Amy Bysouth has similar flexibility when it comes to makeup. While there are many brides that prefer a glam style, she knows that some prefer a more natural or fresh look. Therefore, she makes sure to consult with you before she starts, so the results match your desired look.

Since Amy specializes in bridal hair and makeup, there are several things you can expect. Firstly, that the makeup will look great in wedding pictures and videos. And secondly, that your makeup and hairstyle will last for hours. You won't have to worry about the foundation separating or your hair dropping before the reception is over!

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